8 Things Pro-Vaxxers Say That Contradict Each Other



Foot in Mouth

Argument #1: Vaccinate to protect your child!

Pro-Vaxxers have this false sense that vaccines are 100% effective and will absolutely protect your child from getting “vaccine preventable” diseases. So what happens when fully vaccinated children get the very disease they were vaccinated against?

Wait, what?? Vaccinated children are still able to become infected with the diseases they were vaccinated against? Of course they can and they do! When there is a so-called “outbreak” the majority of the infected population have already been fully vaccinated against the disease, but they don’t tell you that in the news.

Argument #2: Symptoms are less severe in vaccinated individuals

Once pro-vaxxers realize that fully vaccinated children are still getting the very diseases they were vaccinated against, their response is that sometimes vaccines aren’t 100% effective, however, they will go on to state that the symptoms of those diseases are less severe in the vaccinated population, which in turn will protect them from dying from all those “deadly” diseases.

Pro-vaxxers like to scare people into thinking their children will DIE if they don’t get vaccinated. The truth of the matter is, the majority of people who become infected with “vaccine preventable” diseases DO NOT die. If your child is healthy, their bodies are able to fight off the illness within a few days.

Argument #3: “Vaccine preventable” diseases kill millions of people each year

Sure, “vaccine preventable” diseases might kill millions of people each year in countries where children already have compromised immune systems from drinking dirty water and playing in extremely unsanitary living conditions their entire lives.

Argument # 4: Side effects to vaccines are rare

Pro-vaxxers like to downplay the severity of vaccine side effects. There is a reason why side effects are listed in the package inserts to vaccines. They list those side effects because they have been experienced by more than one person, and have been reported more than one time. If side effects to vaccines were not as common as pro-vaxxers lead people to believe, the government wouldn’t have had to create a Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System where people can go to report their adverse reactions, and they wouldn’t have had to create a Vaccine Injury Compensation Program so those people could be compensated for their vaccine related injuries.

Argument #5: The benefits outweigh the risks

Pro-vaxxers seem to think that vaccine injury or vaccine related death is acceptable as long as everyone knows that the benefits outweigh the risks. What benefits are they talking about? I’m pretty sure if it were their child who suffered from a severe reaction, they wouldn’t be saying “my child died as a result of being vaccinated, but that’s ok.. at least I did my part in protecting the herd”.

Argument #6: Vaccinate to protect the herd!

If herd immunity exists, that would mean that vaccines protect every vaccinated person from getting the diseases they were vaccinated against. But hold on a second, didn’t we just hear the pro-vaxxer say that sometimes vaccines aren’t 100% effective? So, if vaccinated children are still becoming ill with the very disease they were vaccinated against, this would mean that those vaccinated children are still able to spread the disease to other vaccinated and non-vaccinated children. This in itself throws the “herd immunity” theory out the window. The medical industry over-sells the “herd immunity” point, however, herd immunity is just a theory and has never been scientifically proven.

For example, “Measles outbreaks occur even when the vaccinated population exceeds 95%”.. Herd immunity = junk science.


Arguement #7: Unvaccinated children are the cause of “vaccine preventable” outbreaks

Let’s think about this for a second… If vaccinated children are still able to become infected with “vaccine preventable” diseases, that would still make them contagious and able to spread the disease to others. So if the majority of the infected population of an outbreak has already been fully vaccinated, it really isn’t logical to believe the cause of the outbreaks are solely due to “anti-vaxxers”.

Argument #8: Vaccines DO NOT cause autism

Such a heated debate. Of course the medical institution and any pro-vaxxer you meet won’t admit that vaccines are the cause of the #1 rise in childhood disorders all over the world. Vaccines are given at such a young age, there is no way of telling if they were born with this disorder or not. There are some scientific articles that might state there is no correlation between vaccines and autism, however, there are plenty of other scientific articles as well as families who have been publicly compensated by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program for vaccines causing other neurological disorders that eventually led to the diagnosis of autism.

Please see link below for a list of studies linking vaccines to autism:














  1. I don’t know about the autism link, but what infuriates me is when pro-vaxxers point to that to discredit all possible concerns over vaccines. Even if there is no link at all between vaccines and autism, autism isn’t the only potentially serious reaction to vaccines and to dismiss all of them by saying vaccines don’t cause autism ticks me off.

  2. I really liked No. 6. Herd Immunity is a total myth. It’s been proven untrue, and many in the medical community understand that herd immunity doesn’t work. It isn’t an accurate picture of how disease spreads. You pointed this out in a very good, understandable manner. Thanks for this article!

  3. Thanks for all the useful links pointing to data that backs all of these points up. Seriously you conspiracy theorists actually would prefer a third world life of subsistence farming and polio.

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