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Growing Up Vaccinated, an Alternative Perspective to Amy Parker’s “Growing Up Unvaccinated”

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Growing Up Vaccinated, an Alternative Perspective to Amy Parker’s “Growing Up Unvaccinated”

I have always been quiet about my past experiences with vaccines; however, the popular article by Amy Parker entitled “Growing Up Unvaccinated” clearly deserves an alternative perspective.

I am the 80’s child of normal parents who followed the CDC recommended guidelines for vaccinating their 5 children. As babies, my mother tried breastfeeding all of us, however, she could only produce enough to feed us for 2 weeks. My mother had no other choice but to supplement with formula until we were old enough to drink regular 2% milk. You know, the kind of milk that you buy in grocery stores that have additives like hormones and antibiotics. Of course my parents weren’t aware of that at the time, so needless to say, we were drinking a lot of that kind of milk. My parents also brought us up on an incredibly normal diet like salad, spaghetti and meatballs, macaroni and cheese, pizza, taco’s, lasagna, cereal, chips, candy, LOTS of candy, and even McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, and Arby’s.

We had a normal suburban lifestyle. We grew up with all of our neighbors, played outside, walked everywhere, played sports, and danced. We were allowed to drink soda, and even though we were unaware that the water was fluoridated, we drank plenty of that too.

My parent’s did everything they could to keep us healthy, and like I said, complied with what was expected of them by the CDC vaccination schedule. My siblings and I grew up having every single vaccine on the shelves in the 80’s. I also grew up with developmental delays and cognitive learning disabilities. I was always in those classes at school that assist children who are slow at learning. Let me tell you, it’s not any fun growing up feeling like you are dumber than your peers. Anyway, I’ll get straight to the point.

I specifically remember a time when I was seven; there was this huge deal about getting the Hepatitis B vaccine. There were clinics all over town offering the vaccine; so of course, my mother had all 5 of her children there to get vaccinated. Not even a day after I was vaccinated, I started to become very sick. My lymph nodes in my neck were swollen, so naturally I thought I was developing strep throat. Then the lymph nodes in my pelvic area started to became very swollen to the point where I couldn’t sit down or walk. I also started noticing these little red dots forming on my feet. Eventually those red dots spread all over the bottom half of my legs and spread all the way up to my knee’s to the point where the dots were no longer dots, they were huge purple splots (yes, I called them splots). My head, neck, stomach, and legs were extremely puffy and swollen. No matter how many times my parents took me to the doctor, there was nothing that they could do because they had never seen this illness before. I remember being so sick that I would secretly hope that I would die than to have to keep feeling that sick. At seven years old, I would literally pray to God to take me and relieve me from the pain I was feeling.

It wasn’t until about a month and a half later when I started getting better. After all the tests that were performed on me, they finally discovered that I was having a reaction to “foreign protein” in my blood. So, how in the world would foreign protein get into my blood stream? Well, the doctors wouldn’t discuss this with my parents. Eventually my condition was swept under the rug.

Let’s skip a few years down the road when I was in my 20’s. I too was diagnosed with pre-cancerous HPV. I had to go through the normal process of frequent visits to my doctor. Like most cases, however, the pre-cancerous cells went away on their own. Then I received my first round of Gardasil shots. A day after my shot, my lymph nodes in my pelvic area became extremely swollen to the point where it was too painful to sit down or walk. I made an appointment to see my gynecologist, and all she could say was it looked like I had strep in my pelvic area. How the heck would I get strep in my pelvic area?? At this point I was old enough to figure out that I was having a reaction to the Gardasil vaccine. There were only two instances where I had swollen lymph nodes in my pelvic area, and I knew I had to find out if the illness I had when I was seven was the cause of a vaccine. Luckily, my mother is an avid journal writer (and author), so I was able to look back at my mothers old journals when I was seven. Low and behold, the day after I received the Hepatitis B vaccine, I started having swollen lymph nodes in my neck and pelvic area, my entire body was swollen, as well as the red “splots” that spread on both of my legs.

Let’s skip another few years, I was 27 when I found out I was pregnant with my first child. Given my experience with vaccines, and growing up in a pro-vaccine family, I naturally wanted to do more research in the world of vaccinations before I made the decision to vaccinate my child. I decided to give my old physician’s office a call to see if I could get the past history of my conditions. This was not an easy process, but I eventually found out that the name of the condition I had when I was seven had been “mysteriously” erased from my medical records. Are you serious? So according to my medical records, the condition I had when I was seven, never happened? Hmmm… Something is not adding up here!

I decided to research the ingredients to the vaccines, which to my surprise, I found that they are made with human and non-human biological ingredients (aka “foreign protein”). Hmmm…. Could this add up? Could this be the “foreign protein” that the doctors told my parents my blood was having a reaction to? How else would “foreign protein” get into my blood stream? Through my research, I also saw pictures of little newborn infants who have just been vaccinated from Hepatitis B, with their bodies swollen just like mine had been. Many of those babies actually died and doctors are telling those parents it’s because of some rare disease, and the parents are forced to believe it! If I would have died from my illness, do you think my parents would have known it was because of the Hepatitis B vaccine? No!

The FDA has a history of rolling products out to the public without proper clinical testing, because of the push (and money) they receive from the pharmaceutical companies. Then months later you will hear the FDA having to recall the same products that they had just approved as being “safe,” because there have been continued reports (emphasis on “reports”) of extremely harmful reactions to those products including death. They don’t take those products off the shelves because “science” proves that they cause those side effects. Clinical trials are meant to test the reports of side effects. Not the “science” of side effects. So if the FDA recalls products because of continued “reports” of harmful and possibly deadly reactions to the products they approve, then the story should be the same with vaccines, right? Wrong! For some reason, vaccines are exempt from this protocol, and are kept on the shelves for your children to be injected with no matter who’s child has become permanently injured by vaccines. So what’s their solution? To implement a Vaccine Injury Compensation Program for individuals to be compensated for their injuries. This is not an easy process, however, parents have to present their case in front of the vaccine injury court, and they are either awarded or denied compensation. This compensation, might I add, is paid for by YOUR tax dollars, not the pharmaceutical companies who make the vaccines.

It is because of this, as well as my personal experience that prompted me NOT to vaccinate myself OR my children. My daughter is completely unvaccinated and I’m proud to report she is a completely healthy three-year-old, and she is on par with her development and learning abilities. No, I don’t take her to a “holistic” practitioner. She goes to a regular pediatrician like every other kid.

Despite my condition when I was seven, I was a pretty healthy kid. I had Chicken Pox, like most of the kids I grew up with. My mother grew up having Measles, Rubella, and Pertussis, like most people in her generation did. The fact of the matter is, we all lived through them. Seeing as how Ms. Amy Parker is not dead, it seems as though she lived through her childhood illnesses to tell her story. The amazing thing is most have life-long immunity from contracting some of those diseases naturally, something that vaccines don’t guarantee.

To Ms. Amy Parker, if you are so inclined to speak about vaccines and “anecdotal evidence,” you should also know that “herd immunity” is not only a myth, but has NEVER been scientifically proven either. You would ALSO know that live-virus vaccines shed. Meaning, the virus stays in the recipient’s system and sheds the virus to other children. This is similar with children vaccinated with inactivated or “dead” viruses or bacteria. For example, there have been over 12,000 cases of Pertussis in the United States in the year 2013. The FDA has come out with an official statement saying that the outbreak was caused not only by waning immunity of vaccines, but vaccinated children can still become infected with the disease without always getting sick and spread the disease to other children. This is the acellular DTaP vaccine, the same vaccine used for Pertussis all over the world. If this is true for Pertussis, the possibility of this happening with other vaccines is not far behind.

Hearsay, anecdotal evidence, or whatever the case may be; it doesn’t take a “scientist” to put two and two together.

By Maegan Soria